Why HEI “Hurghada Estate Investment”?

  • We do all previous steps before we cooperate with any project or property owner to secure our Partners “clients”, because we care about you and we are very curious to save our reputation.

Your Guide to Buy a Property as a Foreigner

The Egyptian government provides many tracks through which foreigners can buy and own properties in Egypt, which in return can obtain Egyptian nationality in case:

  • A renewable 3-year residency and owning a property that is worth $200,000 or more.
  • A renewable 5-year residency and owning a property that is worth $400,000 or more.


Does Egypt Allow Foreigners to Buy or Sell Properties in Egypt?

  • Yes, by using only their passports according to Law No. 286/1996 on regulating foreign ownerships of Egyptian properties and lands.

What are the required documents to ensure that you are putting your investment in the right place?

  • Before anything you should ask to get all the documents that belongs to the property you are buying and give it to a trusted lawyer to check all documents in the concerned government authorities.
  • The documents should begin from the first source the landlord contract from the government as (the council city or the development & investment authority)
  • Then the building license of the
  • The Tawkeels (power of attorney) that comes from the landlord with the sequence numbers till the last owner that should sign the selling contracts in case if he is a
  • In case of a developer the document of the company established for this developer and his name, then the contract must include his name beside the description of his validity to sign.
  • If one else is signing instead of the owner you should ask for a copy of the Tawkeel written in it that this person is authorized to sign selling contracts of this project.
  • Then the contract must include this person name and describe that he is signing instead of the owner as he his authorized to sign as per Tawkeel number “and the number of Tawkeel must be written”.

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